2019/2020 Waec Data Processing Expo [Questions And Answers] May/June

2019/2020 Waec Data Processing Expo [Questions And Answers] May/June

drop cap

i)type the first word or sentence
ii)highlight the first character
iii)click on drop cap from insert menu

a)click enter after the second paragraph
b)click on colums from page layout on menu bar
c)click on two colums from more colums option
d)mark on line between box select from this point forward on apply to box click ok

ii)clip air

i)launch the coreldraw application
ii)click on ellipse tool or F+ on Keybord and drag

i)on the coreldraw enviroment
ii)click on text tool and click on the place to add the caption
iii)type “Happy Birthday” from the keyboard

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i)highlight the caption
ii)click on fill tool
iii)select red colour from fill colour dialog box

i)highlight the caption and click on text on the menu bar
ii)click on text to path
iii)click on the circular object with the arrow

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