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Watch: Zoleka Mandela pokes fun at her hairline

Zoleka Mandela is known for her open act on social media and she’s done another one again with her hairline.

On Instagram the star had series of talk about her poor hairline and resolves at going bald soon.

However, while she might be on bald, Zoleka reveals rocking wigs till she gets her hair back.

“Guys, look at what your BENNY AND BETTY hairstyle has done … DOLOLO hairline now!!! 🥺 Why didn’t anyone warn me, why didn’t the woman who plaited my hair tell me she hated me so much especially when I was super nice to her for no reason!!! What must a person do now to hide this, where are the hairdresser peeps on those IG videos that give men Afro wigs? Now I have to shave my hair BALD which will take another year to grow, I just can’t with this natural hair B.S … that’s why peeps be out here rocking LACE FRONT WIGS … F*ck that, I’m joining them so please don’t touch my new hair after reading this post because from now on, I’ll be wearing different lace front wigs (without the glue) to match my 6 personalities!!! P.S. I look so defeated by my non existing hairline in this picture, please feel very sorry for me?”

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You guys, just look at my hair … I look toed up from the flo’ up, a freaking hot mess … I really you!!! 😂 Amy hairline will never grow back, I really have to shave my hair because it’s just receding even more with these bloody (cheap) lace wigs … 🤪 I will never do the BENNY and BETTY hairstyle or braid like ever again!!! Mxim!!! 😏 I’m still very CUTE though!!! 🤗 #MakeUpByMrsBashala #TeamNoEdges #TeamNoHairLine #MrsBashalaInGeneva

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